Credit Insurance

Business protection when you need it most

We can’t predict the future, but we can eliminate the risk.

Coface Credit Insurance covers you against bad debt, late payments, political risk, pre-shipment risks and more. Protection for your cash flow and future revenue will ensure that if the worst happens, you still get paid.

Trading domestically

Trading on home soil may feel less risky, but in challenging times, any business can default on payment. All it takes is an issue in your supply chain to stop cash flowing.

Whether your domestic trade business is small, medium, or large proper credit risk insurance can ensure your business stays afloat in difficult or uncertain times. Or when multiple or major clients default on debts.

When you are protected with Coface credit insurance, you can:

  • Monitor the financial health of your suppliers
  • Create a more efficient management system for outstanding invoices
  • Offer more competitive credit and payment terms

Trading overseas

International trade can often carry greater risks, frequently requiring more processes where stock can be damaged and services can be slowed down.

Take the risk out of international trade by insuring with Coface. As well as securing your cash flow, our ongoing support makes dealing with different legal systems, defaults and currencies much simpler and safer.

If you are trading from or with the UK, taking out credit insurance will also help you navigate any possible fall-out from Brexit as political deals start to influence international trade. 

Grow your international trade business safely with Coface credit insurance:

  • Make informed decisions with constantly updated sector data
  • Identify new opportunities for growth in existing and new territories
  • Get barometer reports on economic trends and political risks

75 years as a global leader in credit insurance

  • Over 80 million

    Companies checked globally

  • AA-

    Fitch rating in 2020

  • 50,000

    Businesses protected worldwide

How can Coface protect your business?

How Trade Credit Insurance Works

Routine business is carried out by extending credit to your customers. This comes with inherent risks and your company then takes on the hazard of a client defaulting or becoming insolvent. 25% of bankruptcies are due to unpaid invoices, and if your company’s assets are often tied up in invoices then you should consider if your risk merits investing in extra protection.

Coface Credit Insurance offers cover for businesses to protect their receivables from customers who default on their obligation to pay for products and services and who who pay later than credit terms allow. Credit Insurance allows businesses to trade with confidence, to extend lines of credit at knowing they are protected in the worst case. 

Coface is one of the leading global credit insurance companies, underpinned with a wealth of experience amassed over 75 years. 

We offer a wide range of credit protection cover, ensuring we have a product for businesses of all sizes. Our credit insurance offer gives you peace of mind, offering you the benefit of mitigating risk and opening up new channels of business growth. 

When you insure with Coface Credit Insurance you benefit from:

  • Risk mitigation
  • An efficient and fast way of recovering money lost to bad debt
  • Improved efficiency, profitability, and security for your business
  • Protection for outstanding invoices
  • Improved banking relationships that improve credit lending terms
  • A secure position to increase exposure to more customers, either in the local market or globally
  • A competitive edge aided by security to offer open credit
  • The ability to expand into local or global markets through confident interactions with new clients and the ability to increase credit lines to existing clients
  • The advantage of making balanced risk decisions with greater access to customer intelligence
  • Improved supplier relations
  • Enhanced credit management
  • Peace of mind

Global reach, personal service

Looking for a tailored service to meet your exact requirements?

We adapt our policies to suit your business, sector, and market. Providing specialist knowledge and dedicated support whenever you need it. We have a wide network of employees covering over 100 countries with a comprehensive global database of businesses and an experienced staff of underwriters and credit analysts. 

With additional local knowledge you can trade internationally with more confidence. Coface also offers a service of worldwide analysis of country, sector, and company risk in real time to help you make better financial decisions and know where the best investment and trade opportunities lie.

Our intelligence service helps you to understand your clients and potential clients so that you can handle your trade with more control and with greater insight. Enhanced access to information will also encourage and stimulate investment and allow you clearer future projections and budgeting.

As one of the world’s most recognised and leading credit insurance companies, insuring with us will ensure safe trading and business growth in your desired sector.

All of our products are designed to assist you in guarding the security and growth of your business. We will help you to optimise business activities and develop your business in a safe environment.

  • Global reputation and experience
  • 75 years of successful support offered to businesses of all sizes and in all sectors
  • Over 4,300 experts operating across 100 countries
  • Unique, insightful and targeted data-driven intelligence
  • Over 80 million companies checked globally
  • Real time knowledge of company finances and global markets

Products and cover

Because every business is different, with different cover needs and different clients, we work with you to tailor our insurance products to your needs. Our credit risk insurance solutions are flexible and as comprehensive as you require.

  • TradeLiner
    • Solid cash flow protection and efficient credit managements
    • Fully customisable to suit your business needs and mitigate the unique risks your company has taken on
    • Options include:
      • Political event cover
      • Advance Payment to suppliers cover
      • Binding orders cover
      • Natural Disaster Cover
      • Topliner – online supplemental cover
      • Aggregate first loss
      • Disputed debts cover
      • Pre-shipment cover
      • Consignment stock cover
  • EasyLiner
    • Designed specifically for companies trading at less than £3 million per year
    • Fine tune and enhance credit procedures
    • Secure better borrowing terms and access working capital facilities by assigning the insurance policy to them as security
    • Quick and easy to access and use
  • Single Customer Insurance
    • Mitigate or avoid risks associated with single customers
    • Protect your company from loss represented by a single client who represents a large share of your volume sales or revenue
    • Protect your business from implications of increased financial exposure due to a recent influx of business
    • Ensure a more predictable cash flow in the event of protracted default from a key client

Contact us for an easy and accessible quote and to start protecting your business when and where you need it most.

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