How does credit insurance work?

You grant payment terms to your customers every day, it’s a routine way of doing business. But do you think of the risk you are taking?

What happens when a customer defaults or a business closes down? You may not have experienced any of these situations before but did you know that 25% of bankruptcies are due to unpaid invoices. How much of your total assets represent unpaid invoices and do they merit protection?

Backed by nearly 70 years experience, the Coface Group is a global leader in credit insurance. Our range of comprehensive credit insurance services are suited to all sizes of businesses and aim to protect you against the risk of financial default by your customers.

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Safeguarding the future of your business

  • Enabling you to vet potential customers' creditworthiness with financial health checks
  • Alerting you if a current customer becomes less creditworthy
  • Chasing overdue payments so you can focus on building your business
  • Enabling you to claim and replace the cash lost if non-payment occurs
  • Empowering you to make informed decisions with authoritative country and sector assessments
  • Enhancing your market intelligence with regular bulletins on economic trends and political risk

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Faretrade had been using credit insurance for nearly a decade but when they decided to research new providers, they were impressed by Coface’s flexibility, innovation and global underwriting capability.

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Coface’s international reach meant that plastic card manufacturer, Nitecrest, was able to expand its export business and win new orders, without worrying about bad debt.

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Premier Decorations

Coface’s flexible approach allows Premier Decorations to respond to protect its balance sheet during its busiest sales period.

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