Why do I need credit insurance?

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Exporting already? How credit insurance can help

Exporting without credit insurance puts your business at risk.

Exporting with inadequate credit insurance does too. The right level of credit insurance is essential for exporters – and not only because it enables you to claim for losses caused by bad debt. Secure the right bespoke credit insurance solution from Coface and you’ll notice a difference that extends far beyond protecting your business and securing your cash flow.

Debt avoidance

We can help you avoid bad debt and trade more profitably by assessing your trading risks accurately and continuously. We monitor the trade behaviour and financial health of 80 million companies around the world, so we can tell you which companies are creditworthy. We can also alert you if a company’s financial situation is changing, threatening payment default.

And we can help you make more informed decisions with exclusive and authoritative reports on countries and sectors, plus business and economic trends. This knowledge gives you the freedom to export with confidence. To pursue new opportunities in your existing export territories or explore new ones. Know more, grow more.

Debt Collection

We can also help by providing an efficient overseas debt collection service. Our experienced collectors speak the local language and understand the culture, so they can often sort out an overdue payment without damaging your relationship with the customer. Given that one invoice in four is not settled within the payment term, that’s quite an asset.

  • Access our expert, up-to-the minute political risk analysis
  • Understand the creditworthiness of existing or new customers
  • Make informed decisions with detailed, constantly updated country and sector risk reports
  • Receive quarterly barometer reports on economic trends and changing risks


Coface it first and trade with confidence.

To find out how Coface Credit Insurance can help your business contact our team for your free, no obligation quote.

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